According to Merriam-Webster deconstruct can mean to destroy or demolish, it can also mean to exam or take apart.  In my case, it means both. The first time someone realized I had some artistic talent a path was laid in front of me.  I’m not even going to try and guess how old I was, but at some point, someone saw some hidden talent in one of my early art experiments and declared I was an artist, and that’s a title I have carried with me until today. I went to college for art, commercial art to be exact.  I … Continue reading Deconstruct

Stepping back

When I went to college in the mid to late 80’s art was very different.  I was also very different. All of my art classes were true hands on – paper, plaster, tubes of paint, pencils, and film cameras were the tools we had.  My last semester of college was the first semester the art department introduced computer graphics.  It was one classroom and there might have been 30 systems.  The only people you could even take the class were seniors and there was a very narrow curriculum that qualified for the class. I loved college art, that was the … Continue reading Stepping back