Capturing the changing garden

Our garden seems to be in a constant state of change right now.  After weeks and weeks of never ending rain we are finally seeing some sunshine.  I think this change has really caused the garden to wake up.

We have a pot of Picasso petunias on the deck, we first came across this petunia several years ago and it’s been a staple very year since.  The blooms have a nice deep burgundy center that fades to a bright magenta as it reaches the edge of the flower.  The edge of the bloom has a bright green band, it’s easy to miss against the foliage.

I keep thinking I need to try and save one of these plants for the following season, but I always think of it after the first frost has left it’s mark.  Maybe this year I’ll remember.

Petunia 062319-1

Last year I found a small wild berry growing at the base of our rose trellis, I debated pulling it, but the rose was looking rough so I let it stay.  As summer progressed that lone wild berry actually produced a ripe blackberry and several new canes.  Unfortunately a garden critter got to the berry before I did.

This year the lone cane has turned into a full blown berry producing trellis covering delight.  There are countless berries covering the multiple canes.  The berries are still ripening, they are currently red working their way to black.  The leafcutter bees that nest in our garden are also very fond of the berry leaves.  Many of the leaves have the circle hole cut out of them.  I’m really OK with this, it makes me happy to know the little bees have plenty of foliage to pack into their tubes.

Wild Blackberries 062319-1

Both of these sketches were completed in my Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook using pencil, pen, and watercolors.

Thanks for taking the time to read today’s rambles…take care…Erik


4 thoughts on “Capturing the changing garden

  1. As always beautiful art. Also a great story to accompany the art. In Charlotte I had a couple of blueberry bushes which were popular for all sorts of animals, including myself. As a compromise I netted half the berries for myself and the other half un-netted for the ‘wild life’. Enjoy your garden and the progressing summer.


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    1. Thanks for the kind words. The birds don’t appear to be too interested in the berries, which is good for us. I’m hoping as everything starts to ripen they continue to be uninterested in them.


    1. Thanks, Sheryl. I really enjoyed working on that one. I’m finding the less I concern myself with getting it right or trying to get everything perfect the happier I am with the results.


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