Loose watercolors and focus

I’ve been bouncing around a lot with my art, and my social media usage, I seem to have issues committing to things right now.  But I think it’s time to start narrowing my focus.  I realize we humans need some variety, but I also feel we benefit from less distractions and more focus.  Two things I am really looking forward to actually.

On the art front I think a good place for my focus will be the watercolors, the loose watercolors.  And pencil, I love working with pencils.  I’ll utilize both loose sheets and my go to Stillman & Birn Alpha Series sketchbook.  For the pencil drawings I think I may be using a Strathmore sketchbook.  I usually hop around different sketchbooks, but again I think being focused will really do me some good.  And I can watch my progression as I work through the sketchbook.

For my social media usage I think it’s time to mothball Instagram, again.  I know I get far more exposure out there than I do here, but I miss the more intentional connecting you get from blogs.  Sometimes I feel like IG is more of a “like” mill than a place to make meaningful connections.  Yes, I’ve made some good contacts out there, and yes there have been some nice conversations, but I need a break from it.  Also that newsfeed drives me nuts.  Algorithms shouldn’t dictate what I see or read, let me choose!  I’m still human!  I am laughing as I type this.

With the updates out of the way let’s get back to the art!

The first three images are from my Stillman & Birn sketchbook.  I have been using a black PITT pen but I’m finding the black to be a bit too harsh more my taste.  The toMAYto toMAto is sketched with a brown PITT pen, I’m much happier with that color.  For the third image, the three containers, I used a pencil.  I’m really happy with the pencil lines.  I think going forward I’ll stick with the brown PITT pen and pencil.

Tomayto Tomato 061319-1Hanging Basket 060719-1Container Garden 060419-1

The two watercolors below are my latest attempts at keeping things loose.  I am happy with them, but I can see where I am still overworking and overthinking things a bit.  I usually use a variety of round brushes, four different sizes and a rigger, but I’m thinking switching to a couple of flat brushes could help loosen things up a bit.  Limiting my color selections for each piece will also help.  I tend to use six maybe eight different colors, which works, but that can also lead to the pieces being too literal.  Art should leave some interpretation to the viewer, as an artist I don’t think I need to make an exact duplicate of what I’m seeing for the observer to enjoy it.  It’s up to me to just convey what I see and what moved me.

Fuchsia 061619-1The Window 061519-1

That’s all for today, thank you everyone for sticking around and reading more of my thoughts and ideas.

Until next time…take care…Erik


4 thoughts on “Loose watercolors and focus

  1. These are great. I just bought a brown Pitt pen myself but it’s a reddish brown and I don’t know how well I’ll like it. I especially like the tomato one you did. I also like the window one but hey they are all great!

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