Spring cards and flowers everywhere

Greetings my friends, I wanted to put this offer out here for those who may be interested, I am going to be offering two different printed cards for sale.  The cards are 5×7 inches, flat – not folded, and will come with envelopes.  The paper is a nice heavy stock art paper.  These are professionally printed too.  The price per card is $1.50, and shipping averages around $7.00.  Smaller orders will get a reduced shipping charge.  All orders will ship USPS with tracking, I do need to limit this to US addresses only.  Below are the two cards I am offering.

Wren 0419 Card sampleSunflowers Card Sample If you are interested in ordering please use the Contact Me Link to reach me.  PayPal will be the payment option for this, I can send an invoice by email.

I’ve been keeping busy painting more flowers, spring is such a great time to be a watercolor painter or any other kind of creative person!

Wisteria 041119 (1 of 1)Loose Flowers 041119 (1 of 1)

I’ve been using pencils off and on for years, I think I’ve tried just about every pencil out there.  I came across two Tombow 8900 pencils in my stash the other day and I figured I would give them a good run.  And I’ve been very happy with them.  I have the HB and a 2B, I actually found a box of the HB tucked away on a shelf.  Yes, I have so many pencils I lose track of them.  There is only one 2B, but a quick order from Tombow took care of that – https://www.tombowusa.com/

Crabapple 041119 (1 of 1)

The crabapple sketch was completed using just the 2B.  That pencil has such a great range of value.  Once the order arrives I’ll have to sharpen one of them, or several of them, to a chisel.  The HB is a great sketching and everyday writing pencil.  These are very affordable pencils, I highly recommend them.

So that’s all for today, thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read my words and check out my art!

Take care…Erik


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