Painting a barn and enjoying flowers

This weekend brought more rain and snow, plus a little sunshine and blue sky.

During one of the snow showers I decided to sketch and paint the neighbors barn.  I left out the busy background of trees and backyards and I included the silhouette of our garage in the lower right corner.

The Red Barn 020819-1

When I was working on the barn I thought it would be fun to do two versions, one with pen and one in just watercolor.  I have to say I really prefer using my pens.

The following two page spread is a favorite flower in our house, the pink coneflower.  For some reason the yellow coneflowers seem to be taking over our gardens, that is a rather large disappointment.

Pink Coneflowers 020919-1Red Geraniums 021019-1

On the two page spread above I was playing with some different color combinations.  I’ve always preferred Da Vinci red over cadmium red.  I think it’s because of the cool undertones with the Da Vinci red, the cadmium red is a nice warm red though.

Interesting fact on bees I learned this weekend, bees can not see red.  Red in the bee world is gray, so if you want more bees in your garden, which we do, don’t plant too many red flowers!  I know we’ll be sticking with pinks and purples.

Well that’s all for today, just a quick catch up, thanks for stopping by and reading!

All of today’s art was in my Still and Birn Alpha Series sketchbook, the pen was a Faber-Castell PITT pen, and the watercolors are a combination of Da Vinci and Winsor & Newton.

Take care…Erik


One thought on “Painting a barn and enjoying flowers

  1. Of the two barns I prefer the watercolor without the pen. The one without the pen looks less forced, less constrained by the rigidity of the lines.

    Just my opinion, prejudiced as it is.


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