Playing with flowers and doing some big drawings

Hey folks…we are still in the thick of an extreme winter season.  Today we are predicated to a reach a record high temperature of 60°F with an inch of rain and thunderstorms followed by a low tonight of 20°F with 20-30 mph winds.  And the cold snap continues for the rest of the weekend.  If anyone finds Spring, please direct her our direction!

I’ve been keeping busy painting daisies in my sketchbook.  This two page spread was an experiment in style, keep it loose or heavy with a pen.  I keep liking the pen.  I used a fiber tip art pen and a brush pen for the daisy on the right.  I really like that combination.

Flower Sketching 020719-1

I decided to go with a combination of colored pencils and ink for the spread below.  I enjoy colored pencils, but nearly not as much as the watercolors.  The colored pencils are far more convenient, but I really enjoy the washes and blending you get with watercolors.

Flower Sketching 020719-2

As I was going through the art closet I found an old pad of Canson Biggie sketch paper.  I really like the feel of the paper, but this pad has a glue top, I really do not like the glue top.  The pages always come out.  Which is nice, but now I’ve got to find a place to store the loose pages.  I think if I keep using the large pads, this one is 18×24, I’ll invest in the wire bound.

Canson Biggie Art 020719-1

This page was filled over two days, it was really a fun exercise.  I wasn’t worried about a theme, but apparently there is one.  I also wasn’t too concerned about placement.  I just started drawing.

I have been using Blackwing pencils for a few years.  I like the soft core on the black Blackwing, it was the pencil I would I grab when I was looking for something close to a 4B.  I also used their firm core pencils for writing.  But, after breaking many points off the soft pencil when I would knife sharpen it, I decided to try something else.  Also the cost, sorry BW fans, these things are pricey.

Drawing Tools 020719-1

I had an assortment of drawing pencils I ran through and decided to land on the Staedtler Lumograph 100 for drawing.  As you can see from the photo above, the 4B, 6B, and 8B are all knife sharpened as well as the Blackwing.  The first time the BW hit the paper the tip broke off.  This happened repeatedly.  The Staedtler is another story.  The three Staetdler knife sharpened pencils actually had a longer core exposed, that was the length left after a drawing session.  Those cores are super strong.  With the BW I had to hold the graphite core to keep it from breaking.  The Staedtler pencils, I could hold those by the end of the pencil and really crank on it.  The 8B is also a super dark core.  To me, it almost has a carbon feel and look to it.  And sound, I hate the sound.  It’s also a super strong core.  The ivy tree drawing above, on the left side of the page, was drawing exclusively with the 8B.  It has a great value range.  These are now my go to drawing pencils.

The Ticonderoga pencils are my favorite everyday use pencils.  The yellow #2.5 is fantastic for writing.  The pink #2 is a classic HB, I use those for quick sketches and pencil lines for my watercolors.  Great little pencils!

That’s all for today.  Thank you everyone for reading another lengthy post.  I guess that’s why I like blogging, I can really ramble!

Take everyone…Erik


8 thoughts on “Playing with flowers and doing some big drawings

  1. Nice post! I enjoy reading about your process and the tools you use. Of course, your artwork is wonderful as always! I really liked that you included the large 18″x24″ sheet. I have a recycled pad of the same size I bought a while back just for practice and rough sketching. Seeing your sketches makes me want to break it out and use it again!

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  2. Of the two on the top spread I liked the loose style the best. Perhaps it is because I am prejudice to your loose water color art you have sent me in the past. I like your spread with the random images, pen, watercolor and without regard to placement. It all came together nicely by ‘accident’.

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