New paints and holiday baking

Hello friends, this weekend has seen new paints and lots of holiday baking, it’s been fantastic!

I finally broke down and purchased some Winsor & Newton watercolors.  Da Vinci has been my brand of watercolors for years, and I’ve been happy with Da Vinci, but I thought it was time for a change.  And so far I must say I’m very happy with the Winsor & Newton watercolors.  I am using New Gamboge for the first time, what a great color.  I love how it mixes with blues and sap green.  I’ll be using this color frequently.

I made a series of little, very little, watercolors for a dear friend.  I’ll pick my favorite out of the wreath and pine trees to trim and put into small tree ornaments.  I forgot how challenging it is to paint that small.

Stacy has been busy baking all kinds of wonderful holiday baked goods.  Her baking is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.  Not only do the treats taste great, but the entire house smells like a bakery!

Christmas Cactus 120718-1
I’ve been painting our Christmas Cactus pretty regularly. The top is pencil and watercolor, trying to go more expressive. The bottom was with a fiber tip pen with watercolor. Both of these were painted with Da Vinci watercolors.
Holiday Ornaments 120718-1
Tiny watercolors for tree ornaments.
Color Swatches 120818-1
My Winsor & Newton watercolor swatches. It’s a small selection of colors, but lots of mixing possibilities.
Evergreen Pot 120918-1
A quick pen and watercolor sketch of our evergreen and ornament pot. This was painted with Winsor & Newton watercolors.

That’s all for today…thanks for stopping by…Erik


7 thoughts on “New paints and holiday baking

  1. Hi Eric, happy holidays to you and your wife. I’d like to see your finished ornaments with your tiny watercolors. Intriguing. Enjoy your new watercolors. I like that brand too.

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    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the post. As time allows I’ll keep using the watercolors and sharing my thoughts on them. I’ll be sure to add color swatches to each page so I can keep track of the colors used, and that may be useful to anyone else following along.


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