Pencil drawings and a few thoughts

I’ve been feeling a little burnt out with the art lately, I’m actually a bit bored with it.  But after several long conversations with my wife I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve fallen into the Instagram trap.  I’ve been making art based on what gets the most “likes” on Instagram, and Facebook too.  And because of that, my art has started looking like a lot of art that’s out there, not that the art that is out there is bad, but there are a lot of people doing a lot of the same thing.  Not that that’s a bad thing, it just isn’t my thing.  So, I am avoiding Instagram and limiting my Facebook time, and getting back to what I call the basics.  The pencil.  I always loved working with pencil.  It’s a simple tool.  You can make lines, you can do some shading, you can erase it, and you can really explore your own style with it.  It’s also pretty cheap to use.

The following images are what I’ve been working on lately, a couple of my standard pen with watercolor washes, and some pencil drawings.

Pumpkin Spice Doughnut 111818
Pumpkin Spice Doughnut
Amaryllis 111918
Stonehenge 111418
Old Farm 112418
Old Farm
Christmas Cactus 113018
Christmas Cactus

I’m still trying to find a good way to photograph the pencil drawings.  Between the shine of the graphite and the white balance issues when photographing pencil drawings on white or cream paper, the results aren’t always super accurate.  But pencil drawings are about lines and value.  I’d still like to find a way to get better pictures without a lot of fuss.

That’s all for today…thanks for stopping by reading my ramblings…Erik


4 thoughts on “Pencil drawings and a few thoughts

  1. I noticed your absence and figured you were on a self imposed time-out. Good for you. I leave for Paris day after tomorrow, Monday. I’ll be posting photos on blog and Instagram since I will be taking my laptop. I don’t normally travel with my computer, this time however because I will be streaming and recording the various activities and various printing jobs needing done in Paris, I’ve no choice. Hope you are well.

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  2. I think your artwork looks very much Eric and not like everything else on Instagram. I understand about the constant looking and posting and think we just get burned out sometimes. I like giving myself a challenge because it gives me a focus. Right now I’ve drawn some simple flower and fruit shapes in pen and pencil. I bought some schminke and m graham gouache because I like the look of the matte finish and the feel of pencil over the gouache. I had cheap Reeves gouache but you can really tell the difference in pigment and the way the paint flows. So anyway I’m going to practice with my new gouache on the simple drawings. I think I have 30. Good start. I’m not as careful about posting but that’s fine. We are always changing and growing and it’s the journey right? I think it makes a difference if you Are trying to make an illustration career or just for yourself. Do you know what you wNt the future to bring?

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    1. Thanks, Sheryl, I always appreciate your insight. I’ve thought about trying gouache, but I usually end up grabbing the watercolors. As for your question about what I want my future to bring, that’s always been the big question I have yet to answer. Other than I just like to create.

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