Fall snail mail

I am a sucker for snail mail.  I always have been.  Sending and receiving, who doesn’t enjoy getting something fun in the mail?

These are the latest pieces of snail mail I’m sending out for fall.

Fall Mail Art 101018 (3)Fall Mail Art 101018 (2)

The three images above are both watercolors on watercolor paper.  I quickly went back over the three paintings while the paint was still damp with a soft pencil to add a little detail.  I love the way the pencil on damp paint deepens the colors.  When I paint, I try to work with a limited palette to avoid the colors getting too muddy.  I also keeping telling myself to leave white paper, something I still struggle with.

Fall Mail Art 101018 (1)

I used Robert Oster Signature Inks for the two images above.  Both pieces of paper were given a quick spritz of water, I then used a flat brush to move the inks around and let them mix together.  While they were still damp I gave them another mist of water and that gave me the little blooms and speckles.  When both pieces were dry I used a soft pencil for the trees on the left, and a LAMY Safari fountain pen loaded with Motor Oil for Frankenstein’s Monster on the right.

You can buy Robert Oster Signature Inks from several online retailers or directly from him.  Here is a link to his web store that features his inkArt.ink line – http://www.inkartink.com/ – this line of ink was created for artist, it’s more fade resistant than standard fountain pen ink.  I’d also add I find it to be somewhat waterproof too, but that’s just my experience.  If you’re an ink user I highly recommend trying these ink.  His online store is located in Australia, I have ordered from him on several occasions, and I have NEVER had an issue with his international shipping.

I’m hoping to make and send a few more pieces of art mail this fall, I also think holiday snail mail should be on the top of the to do list.  For a while I was regularly sending out art mail, something I need to back to doing.  Even photos are fun to send and receive!

That’s all for today…take care everyone…Erik



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