Textures and revisiting familiar locations

This weeks subject was texture.  I originally thought I would try to capture the profile of different textures, but I was having too many issues with the depth of field.

I then decided to take a more traditional approach and things went much better after that.  Below are my favorite three texture images.

Texture 100618-4
This is the window in my shop above the garage, the shop and window are rarely used these days. The old spiderweb originally caught my eye, but the old cracked paint really stole the show for me.
Texture 100618-2
This is not the moon, it’s actually a concrete mushroom that sits in our garden. The sun was bright and low when I shot this, that is what created the blur on the right side on the image.
Texture 100318-2
This is the only texture profile image that I felt really worked. I basically had the camera sitting on the ground for this one.

I also had the opportunity to revisit a few local spots I photographed recently, I wanted to try to correct a few mistakes I had made before.  And this time it was nice and sunny, prefect for catching shadows and contrast.

Overhead Lines 100318-2Overhead Lines 100318-1Blanchard River 100318-1Homestead 100318-1


I’m real happy with all of these, but I think the farmhouse in the trees is my favorite.  I was actually finished and heading for home when I saw this shot.  I quickly checked my mirrors, tossed the car into reverse, and headed down the road backwards to find a bit of grass in pull off into.  The clearing in the trees is formed by a natural shallow ditch that runs through the field, the house is several hundred feet beyond that.  I’ve driven this road many times, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen this house peeking through the trees like this.

That’s all for today, thank you everyone who has taken the time to read to rambles!

Take care…Erik


6 thoughts on “Textures and revisiting familiar locations

  1. Thanks for sharing Erik! The Cement Shroom reminds of the moon in that movie shot in the 1910s that had an actual face where the rocket popped its eye out (!)!

    Also enjoyed the stream and the the telephone poles (Yikes!).

    Liked your shot on floor also….. Hope spidey did not get made at you waking him up!



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    1. Thanks, Mike. That shot along the ground was one of the first shots I took, the others just didn’t work. There are alleys running behind the majority of the businesses in our downtown, and they’re all lined with these platforms and transformers. The amount of wires and cables running behind the buildings is really amazing. I’ve made several attempts to capture the technology chaos but I haven’t been able to find a good way to get everything in the shot. It’s really rather fascinating.


  2. Nice shots. My favorite is the urban shot with the transformers. I like gritty urban photography the best. And when I travel that’s what I focus most of my picture taking on. Nature shots are nice of course and they are all around us and I like the hidden beauty of life as we live it and the things that support it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I agree with you on the urban photography, there is so much going on that we really don’t see. The nature and landscape stuff is nice, but I’m finding I’m more drawn to urban environments and hidden gems in our daily lives.


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