Looking for reflections and finding trees

This weeks photography challenge was reflections, something you usually try to avoid.  I found several great images for this challenge, below are my favorite three…

Reflections 100118-1
This is the neighbors tree reflecting on our counter top. The counter top is made from recycled glass and concrete. I was originally focusing on the reflection, but I think having the countertop in focus and the reflection soft made a better image.
Tea Time 100118-2
This image was purely by chance. I had set my mug down and grabbed a new spoon as I was preparing to make a fresh cup of tea, and there it was. I loved the way the shadows, the spoon, and counter top were reflecting in the mug. I did move the spoon around a bit to try to reduce the glare on it. The window is off to the right in this shot.
Reflections 092918-2
My sweet wife found this shot for me. As we were walking around our local park I was looking for reflections, I was busy trying another spot when she pointed this one out. This was the best reflection from that outing.

The following images are also from the park.  I love trees, they have so much character and can be so many different things.  I have to admit though, I do prefer them to be a bit on the creepy side.

Trees 092918-2Trees 092918-6Trees 092918-4

As we made our way home we passed this little alley, our section of town has many alleys.

Alley 092918-1
I wanted to keep to the side of the alley for this one, I liked the way the poles and garages were lined up. It was a clear blue sky so the shadows were truly amazing. I’m planning to spend more time shooting the alleys around our house, they are full of interesting shapes and textures.

These final two images are from our yard.

Raspberries 092818-1
These are the raspberries behind our garage. Apparently some very small critters enjoyed snacking on the leaves of a few of them. I thought the leaves were interesting, but the shadows they created is what got my attention.
Red Maple Leaf 092918-1
I was walking the backyard looking for fall leaves to photography when I saw this one.  I was planning to shoot from above looking straight down, but as I was getting ready to move this leaf to the shade the back lighting on it really grab my attention. I did move the leaf around a bit to take advantage of the shade in the background.

There are so many photographic opportunities close to home, and at home.  We just need to look for them.  Going to exotic places is great, I’m sure, but there is so much we can explore and enjoy when we slow down and really see the world around us.

That’s all for now…take care everyone…Erik


10 thoughts on “Looking for reflections and finding trees

  1. They are all wonderful images Erik! You have an eye for finding photo opportunities within your normal daily life. To me, that’s a sign of a creative mind at work!

    I enjoyed your post…I hope to post my photos tonight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Mike! I’m so happy to have a camera back in my hands, it just feel right. I also really appreciate the little challenges we have. I know for me, it keeps me looking at, and for, things I normally might overlook.

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  2. I’d like to know more about your recycled glass countertop. I think your choice to focus on the counter and allow the reflection to be soft and out of focus was a good one. Nice photographer’s eye.


    1. Thanks! The company that manufactures them use all kinds of recycled glass. We were able to select the color combo we wanted. Greens and some blues are a standard color throughout our house.


    1. Thank you! I used to think I had to get out and about, go the park, or take road trips to find great shots, but there is so much to see right in our own homes and yards. Getting out and about is also nice to do.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so true. It also happens when we slow down and really absorb the world around us. After years of paint and pencil art, the challenge of not using a creative license in photography has really been exciting. As you mentioned, it takes discipline too. You have to see what’s beyond your subject. Something I’m still working on.


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