Fall snail mail

I am a sucker for snail mail.  I always have been.  Sending and receiving, who doesn’t enjoy getting something fun in the mail? These are the latest pieces of snail mail I’m sending out for fall. The three images above are both watercolors on watercolor paper.  I quickly went back over the three paintings while the paint was still damp with a soft pencil to add a little detail.  I love the way the pencil on damp paint deepens the colors.  When I paint, I try to work with a limited palette to avoid the colors getting too muddy.  I … Continue reading Fall snail mail

Textures and revisiting familiar locations

This weeks subject was texture.  I originally thought I would try to capture the profile of different textures, but I was having too many issues with the depth of field. I then decided to take a more traditional approach and things went much better after that.  Below are my favorite three texture images. I also had the opportunity to revisit a few local spots I photographed recently, I wanted to try to correct a few mistakes I had made before.  And this time it was nice and sunny, prefect for catching shadows and contrast.   I’m real happy with all … Continue reading Textures and revisiting familiar locations

Looking for reflections and finding trees

This weeks photography challenge was reflections, something you usually try to avoid.  I found several great images for this challenge, below are my favorite three… The following images are also from the park.  I love trees, they have so much character and can be so many different things.  I have to admit though, I do prefer them to be a bit on the creepy side. As we made our way home we passed this little alley, our section of town has many alleys. These final two images are from our yard. There are so many photographic opportunities close to home, … Continue reading Looking for reflections and finding trees