Staying loose and finding the joy again

I’ve been keeping things loose with the watercolors, and I haven’t been this excited about art in a very long time!

As I was rummaging in the paper cabinet this weekend, I found a partial block of Kilimanjaro watercolor paper from Cheap Joe’s. You can find the paper here The paper is fantastic. It’s a cold press paper and it’s loaded with wonderful nooks and crannies that let the pigments flow and blend in wonderful patterns.

geranium detail 042818

The above detail is just one example of the wonderful blending on the Kilimanjaro paper.

The following two pieces are both on the Kilimanjaro paper.

geranium 042818home sweet home 042918

The house, Home Sweet Home, our actual home, is a favorite here. There are many places I wanted to go back and add more detail, but I convinced myself to put the brush down and walk away. I am so glad I listened to that inner voice. This is a technique I really want to spend more time with and grow into.

tulips 042718The tulips are painted in my Starthmore Watercolor Visual Journal. I tried to keep things loose and a bit abstract, but the brush pens were right next to me. I couldn’t resist, I had to use them.

orange 042618

The orange was also painted in my Strathmore Watercolor Visual Journal. It appears I got a little over-anxious with the wet brush, my orange is leaking!

Everything has been painted with a combination of Da Vinci and American Journey watercolors, both are available from Cheap Joe’s.

I am so happy and excited about art right now. It’s a great feeling, one I have missed for several years. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and jumping into unfamiliar territory has been one of the best things I have done for myself, and my art.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts today…Erik



6 thoughts on “Staying loose and finding the joy again

  1. Many of my watercolor paintings experienced the leaking orange syndrome. I’m glad I took some watercolor classes, at least enough to gain a smidgen of technique, it will never be my preferred medium for art. I’m really excited about my etchings and have a sense of making progress. I was thinking today it’s the additive nature of etchings as opposed to the subtractive of block printing I relate to most. Along I like how I’ve been staying loose in my etchings. They certainly aren’t masterpieces but I’m having fun with them even more than the carving.

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    1. Thanks! I’m trying not to use as many “true” colors and going for brighter colors. The sky is cobalt blue with a bit of purple. I wanted bright contrasts between everything. I’m using sap green which is nice, but I really want to freshen up the color selection, find some brighter colors. Getting out of the comfort zone and breaking old habits really helped me get the art vibes going again. I highly recommend it!

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