Lunch bag and flowers

Urban sketching, loose watercolors, flowers…this has been my week so far.

While eating my lunch at work yesterday my lunch bag and hat caught my eye. They both hang on a hook next to my desk. It’s something I use everyday at work, but for some reason this was the first time I actually looked at them.

lunch bag and hat 042418I used my new Cognitive Surplus notebook for this bag and hat sketch. The fine nib LAMY Safari fountain pen and a Zebra brush pen provided the line work while I used a handful of Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils for some color. The colored pencils worked great on the smooth paper. I really prefer a smooth paper for sketching since I work with pens most of the time. I’ve tried several brands and styles of sketchbooks and art journals, but I keep picking up notebooks for sketching. The paper just seems to handle fountain pens better, in my opinion. Since these are mainly for me to capture the world around me, the dots, grids, and lines rarely bother me.

daisy 042318

daffodil 042518The flowers were both prework creative exercises.

The daisy is painted on Strathmores 500 Series Ready Cut watercolor paper, in the 5×7 size. I received a pack of this paper as a gift, it’s great for quick pieces and postcards. The daffodil is painted in a Strathmore 90 pound Watercolor Visual Journal, the 5.5×8 inch size.

That’s all for today – thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts – Erik



4 thoughts on “Lunch bag and flowers

  1. I’m always amazed by your flowers. I think you’ve a knack for flowers. BTW I sewed thousands of various wildflower flower seeds all along my fence line. I probably over seeded, but hey they are wildflowers they will either grow or they won’t. I even resolved to just spread the entire back yard with seeds, firg the hiring a lawn guy this year an d let nature have its way in the yard. If any of the flowers grow it will be pretty. The ground here is so full if pebbles and rocks you simply cannot get a shovel in to it. But I know plants will find their way around anything. I’ve got almost three pounds of seeds of six varieties. So yeah I’m seeding and not weeding or cutting.

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    1. Thanks! For some reason flowers are my favorite subject. Your yard/flowerbed sounds great. I’m sure the bees will absolutely love it there! We are planting lots of cutting flowers here and at the community garden this year. Should be a very colorful season.


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