Mugs and old places

The pencil sketches/value studies continue. The last two days I have been focusing on tea mugs and old buildings. I don’t like to use the word teacup, I always picture a very dainty and small decorative cup detailed in flowers and sitting on an equally small and detailed saucer. I could just say coffee mug, but I am not a coffee drinker. I am a dedicated tea drinker who loves hot tea from a large mug.

mug 041618travel mug 041618

I never really appreciated the complexity of drawing a mug until these last few days. A cylinder and some lines and a bit of shading, not much to it. But when you really look at the mugs, there is a lot going on. Reflected light, objects reflected on the mug, disappearing edges, and tea isn’t opaque. I found myself wanting to draw what my brain knew it was looking at, but I kept stopping and actually looking at the mugs. It’s a different view.

I also started going through my photos, looking at old buildings and houses I’ve photographed. Lots of drawing opportunities there too. I’d love to say I’ve been on some exciting drawing adventures, but we are still getting snow in NW Ohio in April. And that’s just wrong.

old house 041718north main street 041718

Some images are more interesting than others, but these quick sketches are truly to get myself back in the habit of looking and drawing, and not just drawing.

I’d go into detail about the pencils I’m using, but I have acquired a really nice assortment of pencils in the last week. Right now I am using a different pencil with each drawing to see which are my favorites. As I’m writing this it occurred to me I should have been noting the pencils used on the sketches. Something to remember for next time.

That’s all for today – thank you for stopping and taking the time to read my short rambling – Erik


4 thoughts on “Mugs and old places

  1. I do that too, venture to test out various items and then low and behold I realize that I’ve not properly identified the items being tested leaving me with not a clue as to what the results of my test actually are.

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  2. Whenever I draw a cup or mug, I’m amazed at how challenging it is… the thin reflection on the rim… similar thin reflection on the surface of the beverage, and possibly tiny bubbles… the complex reflections in the curve of the handle…the difficult elliptical shape…

    – Tina

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