Value studies and loose watercolors

I’ve committed myself to really focus on the watercolors. I’ve always enjoyed watercolors, both painting them and looking at them. For years I have worked with watercolors, not really giving them a whole lot of thought, I’ve always just used them as an accent to the pen drawings. I think I just became comfortable, and maybe lazy, with that combination. But going forward the pens will be used for quick sketches and writing.

To gain better control of the watercolors I am going back to basics. Lots of value studies and quick sketches. The value studies may never develop into a watercolor, but they will help me to see the world around me. I want to set a goal of four pencil sketches a day, but as the garden season quickly approaches that may not be so easy to obtain. But, the garden could also give me plenty sketching opportunities and vase 041218junction box 041518

I still find I need to keep the pens out of sight so I’m not tempted to grab them and detail the watercolors. I’m also learning that I need to step away from the pieces a little sooner so I don’t overwork them. I’m really happy with the vase, but I started getting lost in the junction box and things got a little overworked. I think I was able to put the brush down before it got too heavy. I knew the junction box would be a challenge, but I’m so happy I gave it a swing.

That’s all for today, thanks for taking the time to visit my site…Erik


6 thoughts on “Value studies and loose watercolors

    1. Thanks, your kind words are always appreciated! For some reason the mechanical bits of houses and buildings have always fascinated me, I think I need to spend more time capturing them.


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