The daily garden journal and a bonus chickadee

It feels like winter is really holding on tight. I realize we aren’t officially in spring, but once January hits I’m pretty much ready for the snow to be gone and spring to arrive. Wishful thinking, I know.

I was looking out the back door on Sunday hoping to see something that would inspire me to draw. But there is only so much you can do with snow-covered grass and bare branches poking up around the garden. As I was standing there holding my pencil and Landland sketchbook, I could hear the tea kettle rumbling away on the counter top. And then it hit, the tea kettle. One of my favorite kitchen gadgets. Especially this time of year.

Garden journal 021118

I found a couple of pencils from General Pencil Company rolling around the back of a drawer, that’s what I used for this quick sketch. Really nice pencils too.

This morning as I took my seat at my art table, I looked out the window behind me and noticed how the rooftops made an interesting pattern in front of the trees. I have the window shade in my room adjusted so the top is just about eye level for me, so when I sit my view is mostly trees and sky.

Garden journal 021218

That was the winning view for today’s garden journal.

I promise, once spring arrives the garden journal will be far more garden than what I see out the window. Or in the kitchen. But I am trying to keep to the theme!

I was able to sneak in a quick chickadee sketch at lunch today.

chickadee 021218

I went with my Landland sketchbook and Robert Oster Signature Ink, Soda Pop Blue, loaded my 05 Preppy pen. Here is the link to Robert Oster Signature Ink. Wonderful inks. Both from a pen and from the bottle with a brush. I prefer to use these inks instead of watercolors with my pencil and pen drawings. The colors are very deep and vibrant.

That’s all for today – thanks – Erik



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