The garden journal and a new project

The daily garden journal continues. To be honest I really picked a challenging time of year to start a garden journal. It’s cold, snowy, and not a lot is happening in the garden. But I also enjoy the challenge that adds. I’ve been using a variety of fiber tip pens and fountain pens for my drawings. The fountain pens are great when I’m using colored ink, but the fiber tip pens are my first choice for black lines. The Faber-Castell PITT pens have always been my favorite. Over the years I have tried several different brands and styles of fountain pens, but I keep coming back the Preppy pens from Platinum. The $3.00 price on these pens is also hard to beat.

020518 begonia020618 fresh snowfall020718 morning tea020818 redbud020918 cut flowers021018 wisteria arbor

I am now using a sketchbook from Landland, I’ll go over the details for this switch in a future post. But this is a great little sketchbook!


For several years I have been drawing an alter ego in various shapes and styles. I’ve named him Stan. I wanted to include a female companion for Stan, but I haven’t been able to come up with a figure I was really happy with. So Stan has a little bird. That’s his companion through life.

020618 stan

Stan usually isn’t this angry, but he’s rather frustrated with the current weather conditions. I’ve decided to create a weekly comic strip featuring Stan. I haven’t decided which day I’ll post Stan, but my goal is to be consistent with the posting. I am a big fan of Field Notes pocket notebooks, those will be the notebooks I will be using for The Stan Files. The size and portability of the notebooks will really help me be consistent with the comic. I also think the faint grid lines will keep things a bit more free and organic. More spontaneous.

That’s all for this post, thanks for stopping by – Erik


8 thoughts on “The garden journal and a new project

    1. Thanks!! I am taking a 30 day break from IG and FB, but to be honest I may not go back. I had a blog years ago and let it slip away. But I’m back! And I now remember why I enjoy this more than other platforms.


  1. The Story of Stan, as told by Erik, in illustration and word, will be something I look forward to seeing. I’ve seen Stan around, here and there, and figured he was an avatar, icon, or some other representation of you or alter-you. It will be like Stan will have a voice, at least through you the narrator.

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  2. I really like your sketches Erik. They have lots of energy. I like the looseness of your lines…it works very well with your subject matter and your marker technique is great…sometimes I try and use too many colors and end up getting mud. I too try to use the least expensive pens, but the markers always get me…lol. Thanks for visiting my site earlier today…stay warm and keep up the great work both in the Garden and in the Sketchbook. ALSO…Stan and his Bird are the bees knees…that image of him flippin’ off the cold weather is AWESOME…gotta have a sense of humor about those things y’know. At any rate thanks for your kind words, stay warm and be safe. – Carlos (cmdesignspot)
    PS: critiques are most certainly welcome…feel free to share any thoughts, drawing tips and or tricks…I need all the help I can get…lol.

    El Beard 😉


    1. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words! Stan will appear every Wednesday, just doing his thing. I spent years trying to make tight finished what I consider gallery art and was frustrated and burnt out all the time. Several years ago I started working loose and never looked back. I don’t think I could find anything to critique about your art! It’s fantastic! I’ve tried digital, but I keep going back to my old school ways. Just showing my age! I’ll be following you and enjoying your skills. Feel free to ask me anything anytime. Take care…E…


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